sectretstills_icon_small.jpg  ABOUT SECRET STILLS

Who we are: Operating on the West Coast of Scotland and consisting of two Single Malt Enthusiasts, Elke Kastner and Fergus Gillanders. We would like to introduce you to a very different approach to exploring unique potential of Scottish Single Malts coming from this area.

What we do: We would like to invite other Whisky enthusiasts from all over the world (either already knowledgeable or just 'nosy') to Single Malt Whisky Distilleries on the West Coast of Scotland that differ from the mainstream.

What we don't do: We will not expose you to one of the commercial, conveyor belt-like distilleries or bore you with yet another Standard Distillery Tour, where you will be told the same story over and over again and where the management measures their success by visitor numbers and bottles sold. They have their market. We have ours.

The choice of distilleries we have made for you is based solely on location, ethics, concept and rareness of the malts. Some of the distilleries are small and less frequented, some are a little commercial but have a different approach. Some are traditional and others are brand new.

Whisky production is so much more than just Malting, Mashing, Fermenting, Distilling and Maturing. Our aim is to show you the true beauty of Single Malt Whisky production and the magical “spirit” this process creates.

In order to be able to introduce you to this magic, we have partnered with several distilleries and whisky or whisky-related establishments and service providers alongside the West Coast and have forged itineraries which can be as flexible as you want them to be!

Every itinerary is different and varies depending on your wishes. Please get in touch for a quote.